Events : Conferences – Workshops- Seminars

 ConferenceLocationDate - Place
24Workshop: COLOSS_B-RAP Spring meetingThessaloniki April 2016
23Workshop: COLOSS_RNSSB Spring meeting Thessaloniki April 2016
22Worksop "MELIAMA 2016- Natural remedies for bees and humans"Nea MoudaniaApril 2016
21Workshop "SMART BEES' - Performance testingAthensJune 2015
20Workshop "SMART BEES' - Performance testing Nea MoudaniaApril 2015
19Workshop ‘Small hive beetle:
management of a threat’
AthensMarch 2015
18Scientific Symposium
‘Beekeeping in the
Mediterranean, from Antiquity to
the present’
Ermoupoli Syros,October 2014
17Environment Day 2014:
Workshop showing the film:
‘More than honey’
Nea MoudaniaApril 2014
16COLOSS 3 day training school
‘Queen quality and breeding’
ThessalonikiFebruary 2014
15One day workshop ‘Oranges and
ArtaMarch 2013
14One day workshop ‘Beekeeping
and citrus- a coexistence’
ChaniaSeptember 2012
1310 days beekeeping events
(workshops and visits) with
Gilles Ratia-
Environment Day 2013
Nea Moudania, Athens,
Nafplio, Patra, Larisa,
12Environment day 2011:
‘The production, improvements
and quality of honey bee queens’
Nea MoudaniaMarch 2011
119-day Beekeeping seminarHellenic Institute of
March 2011
10‘Selection, breeding and
evaluation of honey bee queens”
Hellenic Institute of
Apiculture/ Federation of
Greek Beekeepers Association
24 Απριλίου 2010,
Ν. Μουδανιά
99-day Beekeeping seminarHellenic Institute of
March 2009
8‘Honey bee colony losses- what
happens with our bees?’
Hellenic Institute of
April, 2010
Nea Moudania
7‘Pesticides, GMOs and pollution-
their effect on honey bee health’
Hellenic Institute of
May 2009,
N. Moudania
69-day Beekeeping seminarHellenic Institute of
February 2009
5Open day- ‘Knowing the
beekeeping world’
Hellenic Institute of
November, 2004
Ag. Mamas
43-day Beekeeping seminarHellenic Institute of
March 2004
33-day Beekeeping seminarHellenic Institute of
March 2003
22-day Workshop in LynmosHellenic Institute of
June 2003
1Opening EventNovember, 2000

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